A Cooler-Bar Table for a Perfect Rendezvous!

No matter what the season, parties and get-togethers can never be out of trend. It is usually those informal gatherings planned in an instance that bring us most joy and are cherished for life. Yes, it is all very exciting! But one must not forget: such instant gatherings require immediate preparation too. So why not own some convenient solutions to cater to such last minute plans. A cooler bar table is one such solution.

A cooler bar table is essentially a multi-purpose furniture that can add comfort and glamour to any setting. Its unique design oozes style while catering to multiple needs. The comprehensive design includes:

  • A cooler – It can easily accommodate up to a hundred cans to be chilled to your liking. A great storage space for effective cooling!
  • Adjustable cooler top – Lift the cooler lid and fix it at an ideal height single handedly; yes, it is that simple and your party is on! Use the cooler top as a table to pour your favorite wine with some yummy dips and snacks. A perfect setting to bond over!
  • Pop up shelter – This furniture is perfect for outdoor events, especially when it has an umbrella that can be fixed to the table to shelter that spread of drinks and delicacies.
  • Magazine cart – From motorbikes to designer dresses; latest trending buzz for both men and women can be stacked up in that magazine cart to be discussed and analyzed while you savour those vintage wines.
  • Bottle top opener – Don’t you just love such details! Pull out a bottle from the cooler and instantly open it with this attached opener; you are spared the trouble of finding that bottle top opener which one tends to place carelessly every time! And its chances of being found when needed are close to nil!
  • A catch bucket – Easy disposal of bottles and cans while you stay seated relishing the fond reminiscences, the good old days. This makes the catch bucket a must have feature.
  • Refreshing style! – With such a comprehensive utility in the boldest colors and flawless designs, you have the luxury of adding this eye candy to add life to every gathering!

To say the least, a cooler bar table is a must have commodity to host that party on the shortest notice and still have an instant hit!



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