Can you afford to have Beers without Beer Coolers?

Jack Nicholson, once famously quoted, “Beer is the best damn drink in the world”, and surely, we all agree! From your party to picnic; we prefer gulping beer at every occasion. In short, everything is incomplete without beers, isn’t it?

But often, it has been noticed during the picnics, that we get deprived of sipping it, because we are short of the options to keep it chilled. And, that is when the role of beer cans come into existence.

These days, the beer coolers are the best option for those people, who love sipping beer in mugs outside their home. It is for sure that if you love making noise or hooting, when you are drunk, then you can’t ignore the importance of these retro esky vintage beer and wine coolers.

Although, it is upto you that which beer cooler you want to buy for yourself, as these are available different sizes. The capacity of these coolers is measured upto 80 litres. Not only this, these are available in different colors as well. For instance red, pink, yellow, blue, metal brown etc!

These days, there are many online stores which deal in such coolers. You can browse such sites, and can place your order now as well.


A Cooler-Bar Table for a Perfect Rendezvous!

No matter what the season, parties and get-togethers can never be out of trend. It is usually those informal gatherings planned in an instance that bring us most joy and are cherished for life. Yes, it is all very exciting! But one must not forget: such instant gatherings require immediate preparation too. So why not own some convenient solutions to cater to such last minute plans. A cooler bar table is one such solution.

A cooler bar table is essentially a multi-purpose furniture that can add comfort and glamour to any setting. Its unique design oozes style while catering to multiple needs. The comprehensive design includes:

  • A cooler – It can easily accommodate up to a hundred cans to be chilled to your liking. A great storage space for effective cooling!
  • Adjustable cooler top – Lift the cooler lid and fix it at an ideal height single handedly; yes, it is that simple and your party is on! Use the cooler top as a table to pour your favorite wine with some yummy dips and snacks. A perfect setting to bond over!
  • Pop up shelter – This furniture is perfect for outdoor events, especially when it has an umbrella that can be fixed to the table to shelter that spread of drinks and delicacies.
  • Magazine cart – From motorbikes to designer dresses; latest trending buzz for both men and women can be stacked up in that magazine cart to be discussed and analyzed while you savour those vintage wines.
  • Bottle top opener – Don’t you just love such details! Pull out a bottle from the cooler and instantly open it with this attached opener; you are spared the trouble of finding that bottle top opener which one tends to place carelessly every time! And its chances of being found when needed are close to nil!
  • A catch bucket – Easy disposal of bottles and cans while you stay seated relishing the fond reminiscences, the good old days. This makes the catch bucket a must have feature.
  • Refreshing style! – With such a comprehensive utility in the boldest colors and flawless designs, you have the luxury of adding this eye candy to add life to every gathering!

To say the least, a cooler bar table is a must have commodity to host that party on the shortest notice and still have an instant hit!


Some Interesting Facts about Retro Coolers

For backyard gatherings or parties, now there’ll be no more running outdoors continuously for taking drinks and food snacks from refrigerators. Keeping ice-cold beverages at your finger tips, no matter where you are whether on hiking, adventure trip, picnic or any sort of mountain camping. For retro lovers, there are wide assortment of retro coolers are available with multipurpose designs including all essentials needed for camping trips.


Many retro coolers use modern day insulation to keep your food and beverages cold all day. A snap tight lid ensures secure traveling against accidental spills. They are made with heavy duty steel outer shell like exclusive retro embossing so that you can still enjoy that great atomic era and feel.  They also have modern refinements include full foam insulation and a seamless stain resistant plastic inner compartment for efficiency and easy cleaning.

Moreover, just like vintage originals they are topped off with metal chrome plated corner protectors and corner down lid with bail style carry handle. This lid uses a full rubber gasket to seal out dust and dirt while keeping your contents ice cold the whole day. They are available in vibrant, high gloss colors blended with UV resistant nontoxic powder coat finishes that resists rust and scratches.

You’ll be hit to a party whether it’s at the beach, in the backyard or just tailgating with bright, colorful and so functional beverage retro coolers. They are compact; easily portable are having storage underneath, bottle opener and a cap catcher just like vintage pieces. They hold ice for many hours of repeated openings.

When done for the day, just pull the interior plug and drain the water. Still, their unique physical size, weight and shape prove to be challenging in avoiding damage while in transit. With these interesting features they can be considered as one of the essential accessory for picnics, road tripping or camping.

Insight into the Interesting Health Benefits of Wine

What do you have to say about drinking a chilled glass of wine after a hectic schedule of your daily life? Don’t you find this as the ultimate pleasure that ease your tensions and make you feel refreshed after a long tiring day? Of course, a wine lover will always have to say the same however, but besides this amazing experience many of them fail to realize the importance of wine for a healthy living.

File:NCI Visuals Food Beer.jpg

According to various clinical studies and researches, it has been found that the health benefits of wine are unarguably true but only when it is taken in moderate amount. Excess consumption has many side effects such as liver damage, heart problems which may also lead to death.

Here are the benefits, just have a glance on few of them.

  • Fights against aging: The presence of phytochemicals such as resveratrol and flavonoids are the powerful antioxidants that fight against the free radicals that cause cellular damage to our body. These free radicals are the prime cause of aging and cannot be neutralized by any other means. Therefore, these chemicals help in defending against the action of free radicals and ensuring skin to remain healthier and younger.
  • Keep up the intellectual ability: Another great benefit offered by wine is aiding your mental sharpness. It stimulates the cognitive functions in brain thereby strengthening the intellectual ability that has been dampened with age. It proves beneficial for middle age and elderly people when taken in preferable amount.
  • Healthier heart: The flavonoids and tannins present in the wine prevent thickening of blood or clot formation. They cure clogging of arteries due to hardened cholesterol.  Since, clotting and increased cholesterol raise the possibility of heart attacks, wine can help a lot in avoiding these serious issues.
  • Stronger digestion: Derivatives of wine help in building strong digestive system in ones body. It keeps the digestion robust and helps in impairing the development of peptic ulcers inside the digestive system. It also inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria inside the digestive tract.
  • Prevent cancer: Resveratrol are connected with cancerous growth. Therefore, with its limited consumption you can ensure cure against this disease.

Either you can sit in a bar and enjoy drinking with your friends or you can bring home and store them in wine coolers and have a chilled glass anytime. These coolers are specifically designed to keep drinks cooler for longer duration of time.

There are many service providers over the web that offers you good collection of these coolers. You can pick your favorite color and design that complements your personality or decor. Thus, you can ensure a chilled drink for a soothing and pleasurable experience at any time of the day.


Metal Beer Coolers: Cooling Drinks in an Efficient Way!

Dom Pérignon, a major contributor in the production of top quality champagne wine, once said, “Come quickly. I am tasting the stars”, in context of his love for beers and wines. Many of us are going to agree with him, for there cannot be anything better than drinking a chilled glass of beer to distress the grief or enjoy a happy moment.

The best part about living in Australia is the unlimited range of drinks available here for all occasions, tastes and moods, for it is one of the largest producers of wines, globally. However, just imagine that you take a sip of your favorite drink and find that it is not chilled enough! It can be extremely disappointing. To avoid such instances in future, it is suggested that metal beer coolers are used in Australia.


Such storage coolers are far more effective and reasonably priced, in comparison with traditional refrigerators. Moreover, their availability in compact size makes their usage convenient. Below listed are some other significant features of these drink storage coolers; cast a glance:

  • Undermount coolers are available in flexible sizes, shapes and colors so, one can always find one that is easy to place, without consuming much space.
  • These are a wonderful gift item for beer lovers, for you give them easy access to favorite drinks.
  • Being portable and robust in design, these can be used for outdoor events or places where chilled beer cannot accessed otherwise.
  • Reports suggest that storing beers in usual fridge can affect its quality. On the other and, beer coolers in various materials like plastic, metal, vintage themes, etc, keep the temperature optimum, while retaining the original essence and taste, alive.
  • These are multi-purpose thus, besides hard drinks these can be used to store juices, sodas and other eating beverages, without any discomfort.

The benefits stated above can be availed only if the cooler you have shopped for, has good quality or else you may be left regretting your decision. On the brief, one can pay attention to-

  1. The number of bottles, cans, etc you are expecting to store in one time, so as to determine the capacity
  2. During the course of online purchase, thoroughly verify the quality because you will be required to splurge a big amount of money on these
  3. No added accessories are required for their proper functioning and these must be ready to use, whenever the need arises

So, get a metal beer cooler today to enjoy your drink any time, you want to!

Red Cooler Bar Table – Some Amazing Features

In a hot summer day during a picnic or excursion everyone feels the need to have a cool drink. To fulfill this purpose portable handy coolers are the perfect choice. These coolers not only helps to keep your drinks cool and protected but also serve many other purposes with their unique features such as cocktail bar table, magazine rack, adjustable lid, catch bucket, bottle top opener, umbrella holder and many more.

The main purpose of a cooler should be keeping the drinks cool. But if you desire to have an extra touch of class along with chilled drinks on ice then cooler bar table can be the perfect choice for you as it meets both the requirements of a cooler and cocktail table.  It is handy and easy to lift during campaigns and camps. Just by lifting the lid you can get cocktail table to place the drinks on its surface.

This cooler has the capacity to hold 100 cans with the quantity of 80 liters.  Its iron sheet protects it from scratches and harmful effects of other elements. You can carry it easily anywhere from one place to another in your vehicle.

The holder on the top of the table can hold an umbrella without difficulty. You can open the bottles with a bottle opener and the catch bucket can collect the caps and other miner things perfectly. If you have desire to read the magazine during a sunny day under the shadow of umbrella at the beach side then you can read them comfortably on the chair and can place the periodicals or papers on the magazine rack after completing the readings.

It is essential that the drinks remain cool for a long period of time. The sturdy iron sheet metal of this amazing cooler is fully insulated inside that helps to preserve the liquids for a lengthy period of time. The lead free power coating saves it from UV –rays, scratches and rust. During night time when it becomes clumsy, you can clean it easily with a damp cloth.  The four legs provide it complete stability and stability.

You can purchase this cooler by online method as you will find there huge varieties of them with great features.  Choose your favorite color among red, yellow, pink, blue, gray and many others.  This method saves you from the unnecessary botheration for searching an item of your choice at different market places.  It also saves your precious time and money.  So order now!


Some Useful Tips for Purchasing Retro coolers in Australia

Nowadays retro coolers are getting exceptionally popular in Australia due to their small size and great capacity. Their remarkable features like easy to carry and keeping liquids chilled for a long duration of time make them perfect choices for carrying them during expeditions or holidays. You can also consider about keeping them in your kitchen.

When you decide to install them in your house ensure that you keep them away from heat sources. The dish washer can damage them by producing vibrations; so try to keep it away from the retro cooler. If you have decided to keep wine in them then try to protect it from the harmful effects of direct sun rays. For this you can use a unit made of tainted glass door instead of ordinary glass.

If you are considering installing them in your kitchen then it is good to choose the color matching your kitchen paint or furniture. The styling part of the cooler should not be neglected. If you want to place the cooler appliance in a confined place then consider this point deeply that how the temperature of that space will affect the cooling process of the cooler.

The cooler with checker plate and metal finishing is solid and durable. They can hold up to 14 stubbies with 13 liter capacity. It is constructed from an iron sheet metal. Its insulated feature keeps the things cool for a long period of time. You can carry it anywhere as it is exceptionally light in weight.

Another variety of these coolers is Classy blue cooler that comes with 13 L capacity that can hold up to 14 stubbies.   Its powder coating finishing is completely scratch resisting and its construction is also designed with sturdy iron sheet metal. It comes with the weight of 3.5 kg which is extremely light. It is insulated inside and provides complete coolness.

There are several other different varieties of coolers available in the market. The online method is the best way for purchasing them as you can select your desired model among different varieties as per your needs and budget. By this method you can avoid the frustration for searching your desired cooler at different market places.

The online method provides you facility to order the selected piece by a click or making a single phone call sitting at home. This medium also saves the expenses on fuel or bus fares. Thus you can feel contented after buying it by this method